Is graffiti an art?

Graffiti exists since antiquity, when ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians painted the walls of their empires. An artist can create a whole drawing on the wall or even write a few words , in order to express their social and political point of view. In the Greek capital, there are lots of graffiti everywhere, mainly graffiti which concern political issues. Many experts of the arts have implied that graffiti isn’t an art, because it is combined with the hip hop culture. So, what’s your opinion about graffiti? Is it a modern form of art? Or not?

What does Naturopathy means??

Have you every heard of Naturopathy or Naturopathic medicine? Naturopathy is an alternative medicine based on the belief that every person has a vital energy which guides human metabolism and growth. This alternative medicine asserts that every time a person craves for something , for instance chocolate, in fact he/she just lacks in is magnesium. So, instead of eating chocolate, this person can have fruits or nuts in order to cover his/her needs. Keep in mind that next time you crave for chocolate or sweets, naturopathy has a better and healhier solution for you.


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